TXGB Terms and Conditions

NewcastleGateshead Initiative Distribution Terms and Conditions

NewcastleGateshead Initiative promotes travel and tourism in the North East of England and provides a service whereby a traveler can search and book travel products.

By agreeing to the below you acknowledge and agree that the terms and conditions set out herein shall constitute the agreement (Agreement) between you (Operator) and NewcastleGateshead Initiative when the newcastlegateshead.com website facilitates bookings on your behalf.

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Agreed Terms:

  1. Definitions In this Agreement:

“NewcastleGateshead Initiative Limited” also trading as “NewcastleGateshead Initiative promotes tourism in the North East of England and provides a service whereby a traveler can search and book accommodation and activities. “Operator” means you, the supplier of tourism Product. “Traveler” means a member of the public who has placed a booking for the Operator’s Product through newcastlegateshead.com. “Product” means the travel services offered by you the Operator.

  1. Product

2.1 The Operator will ensure that its Product is provided to the highest possible standards and quality, and that its Product and business comply at all times with all applicable legal requirements.

2.2 NewcastleGateshead Initiative may attend at and inspect the Operator’s premises at a mutually convenient time, to verify that the Operator is complying with clause 2.1. If NewcastleGateshead Initiative does so, the Operator should assist and cooperate with the inspection.

  1. Information

The Operator must ensure that it regularly updates information via the TXGB and the Operator agrees that NewcastleGateshead Initiative is not liable for any information displayed via newcastlegateshead.com for you the Operator.

  1. Commission

A 7.5% commission is payable on all bookings made through newcastlegateshead.com.

  1. Bookings

5.1 The Operator authorises NewcastleGateshead Initiative to facilitate bookings for the Operator’s Product, on behalf of the Operator, through their website newcastlegateshead.com.

5.2 Where NewcastleGateshead Initiative has facilitated a booking from a Customer, the Operator must not offer to provide that Customer with the Operator’s Product on terms and conditions (including as to price) which are more favorable than those offered to the Customer by newcastlegateshead.com on behalf of the Operator.

  1. Cancellations and Refunds

6.1 If NewcastleGateshead Initiative, via newcastlegateshead.com has facilitated a booking for the Operator’s Product, and the Operator is then unable to supply the Product, the Operator must provide Product of a similar standard and quality acceptable to the Customer, or at the Customer’s election, promptly refund the moneys paid less the fees.

  1. Customer Enquiries and Complaints

The Operator must respond to any enquiry or complaint by a Customer, within 14 days of receipt.

  1. Sale of Operator’s Business

If the Operator proposes to sell the whole of its business, or the assets used to run its business, or a controlling interest in the shares in its business, the Operator must give NewcastleGateshead Initiative written notice at least 14 days before the proposed sale, and upon such notice this Agreement will terminate automatically.

  1. Indemnity and Insurance

9.1 The Operator must indemnify NewcastleGateshead Initiative Limited and hold NewcastleGateshead Initiative harmless, from and against any claim, demand, cost, loss or expense whether for personal injury, loss of property, breech of agreement, misrepresentation, breech of statutory duty, or any other cause whatsoever, in relation to the provision (of failure to provide) Product.

9.2 The Operator must take out and maintain during the term of this Agreement, a policy of public liability insurance with a reputable insurer, where the limits of such policy are consistent with industry practice. 

  1. Termination

10.1 NewcastleGateshead Initiative may terminate this Agreement immediately by notice to the Operator:

10.1.1 If the Operator commits an act of bankruptcy or becomes subject to any form of insolvency administration.

10.1.2 If the Operator breeches this Agreement: or

10.1.3 If the Operator ceases to provide Product

  1. General

This Agreement cannot be varied except by a further written agreement signed by both parties.