Everything we do is driven towards delivering economic benefit for the people, institutions and business of our ‘twin cities’.

We love to work with organisation who share our vision, organisations who recognise the vital importance of collaboration and partnership and who want to play an integral role in boosting the profile of our place.

To deliver mutual benefits for our partners and the destination as a whole, we believe it’s essential that partnership is a two-way, interactive and proactive process. Our partnership charter sets out how we like to work and we’ll happily sign on the dotted line with partners who can bring their energy and commitment to the table.

Partnership charter

NewcastleGateshead Initiative pledges to:

  • Work with relentless energy, enthusiasm and professionalism to profile NewcastleGateshead and our partners nationally and internationally.
  • Be a source of positivity and confidence, celebrating all that is good about NewcastleGateshead and constantly seekingcreative new ways to champion our place and its people.
  • Provide a range of relevant networking, marketing and business benefits to our partner organisations.
  • Create platforms which encourage collaboration and help our partners makemeaningful connections with the media, key stakeholders and potential visitors, clients, investors and each other.
  • Provide a bridge between the public and private sectors and between business, education, tourism and the creative sectors to help all achieve more and drive the destination forward.

By becoming a partner of NewcastleGateshead Initiative, our partners commit to:

  • Being a vocal and positive advocate for NewcastleGateshead, championing the place brand and using their local, national and international networks to help spread the NewcastleGateshead message as widely as possible.
  • Playing a full and proactive role in the partnership, seizing opportunities, getting involved and using the platforms NewcastleGateshead Initiative provides to create opportunities for their own organisation.
  • Engaging their staff, stakeholders and clients in partnership activity and empowering their people to spread the NewcastleGateshead message within and outside the destination.
  • Delivering a world-class experience for all those who live, learn, work, visit and invest in NewcastleGateshead.

If you are interested in becoming a partner of NewcastleGateshead Initiative and would like more information on partner levels, prices or any other opportunities then please contact us at, or get in touch with our partnership manager:

Nathan Shrubb
Partnership and Project Manager
T. +44 (0)191 440 5752