Tourism stats reporting

NewcastleGateshead continues to thrive as a city break destination with 9 out of 10 hotel rooms full every weekend and almost as many during the week.  Our attractions attract around 2 million visitors every year while restaurants and retailers continue to benefit from our visitors.

These visitors come as a result of our superb facilities but also due to well timed marketing campaigns and a programme of events designed to attract visitors throughout the year and to ensure any falls in performance are overcome.

For any of this to happen we need to understand what is going on in the destination. In order to do this effectively NewcastleGateshead Initiative have invested in a new performance monitoring tool known as T-Stats.  This system allows to input occupancy data, visits to attractions, retail footfall, airport arrivals, and much much more.  BUT we need your help!

We need you to participate in the survey and share your data. Individual data is 100% secure and the system is free to all partners of NewcastleGateshead Initiative. In return you will get:

  • The ability to benchmark your business
  • Access to visitor profiles
  • Access to wider data such as unemployment, exchange rates, fuel and energy prices The ability to export any of this into your own reports The ability to tell a more in depth story.

A wide range of businesses are already using the system but the more businesses that take part the greater the benefit to all.

To get involved then please contact for a log in. 



If you are not a current partner of NewcastleGateshead Initiative and would like to gain access to the system then please contact depending upon the nature of your business and use of the system then some charges may apply.