Dobson & Parnell raises a glass to their listing in the Michelin Guide 2018

Staff at Dobson & Parnell are toasting to their success after being listed in the Michelin Guide 2018 and offering customers a complimentary glass of fizz to mark their first anniversary on Wednesday 29 November.

The guide’s recommendations are based on a team of national inspectors who scour the country looking for great restaurants who offer fresh, seasonal ingredients, innovative cooking styles and fantastic service.

This is what they said.

“An iconic address in the city, this elegant restaurant is named after Victorian architects John Dobson and William Parnell. Cooking has a Nordic style, with plenty of drying, pickling and curing. Dishes are colourful and satisfying”.

The restaurant, located on 21 Queen Street on Newcastle quayside, was opened by the team at Blackfriars Restaurant in Newcastle and Hinnies in Whitley Bay