Newcastle College and Gainford Group Launch Pre-Apprenticeship Training

North East hospitality group, Gainford Group has teamed up with Newcastle College to launch a ground-breaking training scheme.

The 10 week course, which leads to a Level One NVQ qualiication in food preparation and cooking with food service, will see the cream of the crop offered full apprenticeships with the group.

Executive Group Chef Ken Thompson is spearheading the programme and he revealed: “There’s a worryingly large skills gap within the hospitality and leisure sectors.

“Our industry is caught between a rock and a hard place. In Newcastle – as is the case in many other cities across the UK – there has been an explosion of restaurants.

“Even in the last five years so many new places have opened and all of these kitchens need people to cook the food and all of the restaurant areas need people to serve that food. The fact is they’re just not there.”

Now he has called for greater co-operation between business bosses and local colleges to meet the growing demand for fresh talent.

“I have a longstanding relationship with the college and I instigated the partnership,” he added.

“Both the Gainford Group and Newcastle College understand their responsibility and the need for apprenticeships within our industry.

“I’ve been involved with apprenticeships for a very long time so I know that the model works.

“It’s out of necessity really because I don’t think our industry will survive and thrive unless we develop some fresh talent.”

Gainford Group works with colleges across the North East to prepare students for the workplace in a variety of roles within healthcare, property, hotels and leisure.

Ken continued: “We have quite a few employees who have been on full-time or part-time courses at Newcastle College at some stage.

“They have such a significant share of the local training market that they will always develop talent that is of interest to our industry.

“They’ve got their finger on the pulse and we enjoy a really healthy relationship.

Newcastle College and the other colleges in the North East are increasingly in tune with what’s required to fill the skills gap.“