Total Water Solutions calls for North East businesses to tackle leakage ahead of the winter freeze

Earlier this year, the environment minister, Michael Gove, highlighted the need to tackle leakage as figures continue to rise in England. From 2017 to 2018, 3.183 billion litres of water per day was leaked – 2% more than the previous year.*

As these figures rise nationally, experts from Northumbrian Water’s Total Water Solutions assess the impact for North East businesses.

It is estimated that a small, 5 litre per minute leak adds an additional £5,000 to the annual water bill, while more substantial leaks will mount up even greater costs. Furthermore, only 5% of leaks are detectable on the surface without professional equipment meaning business owners are unaware of mounting water bills.

Andy Sinclair from Total Water Solutions said: ‘When dealing with site maintenance, a small leak in a water pipe can seem insignificant. However, as North East businesses are working hard to cut costs, reduce risk, and protect the environment, that small leak can result in considerable losses. A leak that isn’t dealt with can have serious consequences – it can increase annual water bills, disrupt the business operation and impact on the surrounding area. In severe cases, it could damage the reputation of an organisation.’

‘Hidden leaks can worsen without warning, especially if pipes freeze in winter. If businesses cannot maintain a comfortable temperature due to a lack of heating, or if supply is disrupted and they are unable to manufacture their products or operate their hotel, they have little option but to close their doors. This is why maintaining water pipes is essential.’

Total Water Solutions uses the latest digital tools to support businesses in managing their water usage. It’s Automatic Meter Reading service provides real-time water usage data, and can flag when and where usage is increasing, a common sign of a possible leak.

Andy added: ‘As with any potential risk, preventative measures against leaking pipes are the most effective way forward. By effectively maintaining and monitoring the water system, businesses can avoid the unnecessary mounting costs that start with a small leak.’

To support businesses in preventing problems with their water system, the team at Total Water Solutions provide bespoke guidance on how to improve water efficiency and save money without even visiting a businesses premises. Find out more about a desktop audit here: