Northumbrian Water’s plan for affordable and inclusive services

Last week Northumbrian Water submitted their plan for 2020-2025, proposing a major reduction in bills. 

They are making an unprecedented commitment in their plan to Zero Water Poverty by 2030, and are planning to take 241,000 households out of that category by 2025.

You can see a video introduction to the plans for delivering affordable and inclusive services here.

Water poverty is defined as where customers spend more than 3% of their income on their water bill, after housing costs. Analysis shows that 370,000 households in our region would currently come into that classification. The plan is to cut this by two-thirds by 2025, and eradicate the issue completely in our area by 2030.

They will be working with National Energy Action and StepChange to establish the UK’s first and only Water Poverty Unit, to carry out ground-breaking research on the issue and how it can be resolved.

 This commitment comes on top of the plan to cut water bills by 12% and wastewater bills by 14% by 2024/25.

Northumbrian Water will also introduce a revolutionary ‘Pay Your Own Way’ app-based tariff that allows customers to change when and how much they pay, putting them in control of their bills.

Look out for more updates from over how they’re planning to tackle other important issues for our customers. You can also find more information about all these issues and the rest of the plan at