Restaurant Refurbishment

September will mark 14 years since we first opened our doors. And, to mark the occasion, we’ve just completed a full refurbishment of our Restaurant.

Not content with just a full, physical transformation, head chef Danny Parker – himself, celebrating his first anniversary at the helm in the kitchen – has unveiled a new menu, too; dovetailing with the completion of the work. A former contestant on television’s ‘Great British Menu’, Danny joins a long list of revered names at the pass. And, a year in, with a settled brigade and concurrent to the physical changes, Parker is excited to roll-out his vision for the food at one of Newcastle’s most special venues:

“I am really excited for the new menu. We’ve mixed up the style a bit – It’s something different to what people expect of me. We’ve listened to our guest’s feedback – and with the entire kitchen and front of house team, we’ve decided to create a new menu that is ingredient-led, generous dishes that are cooked consistently. From my point of view, I just love cooking and eating, and I really think that everyone visiting us will enjoy this style, too. First thing on the list, throw away the tweezers!”

The hotel teamed-up with award-winning interior designer, Karen Walker – who’d been involved in the original design prior to opening. And, with the hotel’s setting in the greenbelt Jesmond Dene in mind, Karen had creative license to take things in a new direction:

 “Although the framework of the restaurant remains, the overall scheme is quite different. The verdant garden at Jesmond Dene House has been instrumental in the new design and the aim was to provide a much lighter ambience with hints of rich colour that connect with the outside view. The new furniture and finishes retain the luxurious level that guests expect at Jesmond Dene House but the use of colour, pattern and light provides a more contemporary setting.”

Following the refurbishment of the hotel’s 40 guest bedrooms and private function spaces, such projects aren’t inexpensive. But, 14 years into the project, Managing Director and Owner Peter Candler sees the investment as part of a labour of love:

Over the 14 years, there have been many thousands of guests through our doors and we felt that the time was right to show the property some love and affection. We’re hopeful that by investing in the property, we’ll be demonstrating to our guests that we care.