R&B Group video technology transforms castles, vehicles, churches and 3D objects into large projection canvases

Such is the scale of R&B Group’s Newcastle ‘event production’ operation their vehicles drive the equivalent of twice around the world each year delivering fabulous events.

Recently R&B has become well known for projection mapping. “This technology enables high-quality projection of images, animation and film on to 3D surfaces like castles, buildings and vehicles,” explained Kevin Floyd, Head of Client Services. This video includes footage of an event for which R&B Group won ‘Best Live Event’ and the coveted ‘Grand Prix Award’ at the National AV Industry Awards in London.

Other clips include NEECC 200th Gala Dinner, a massive canvas projection across three walls of a huge marquee. R&B Group’s 3D motion artists produced the immersive video sequence with 7.1 surround sound delivered by seven stacks of line array and eighteen sub-woofers, showing key moments during the Chambers 200 year history. The projection backdrop measured over 270ft, the image projected was ten times the resolution of HD and the standing ovation at the end was amazing!

What makes R&B Group unique is that they are a full-service event production supplier with thousands of items of AV equipment along with creative teams, scenic stage construction, video production, AV technicians and full project management.

R&B Group love to work on small events as well, hiring a stage, projector, screen and PA with or without a technician R&B Group provide the same quality of service regardless of size. “One of the reasons for 25 years of fabulous events is the passion for what we do. One client was really surprised when, after our technicians had finished the event installation, they joined the agency team and filled delegates goody bags! We always try and lower the clients stress, explained Kevin”

For more information contact Kevin at kevin.floyd@rbgroup.co.uk or T: 0191 2763999 M: 07805 434095