November Club launches £5000 artists’ bursary

November Club launches £5,000 bursary in memory of Maurice W. H. O’Connell, aka The Lord of Misrule and the Abbott of Unreason.

On Saturday 24 August 2019, November Club launched a one-off £5,000 artists’ bursary at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in memory of Maurice O’Connell (24 October 1966 – 6 November 2018), who helped to create the original vision for November Club.

The Northumberland-based arts company is offering a one-off bursary of up to £5,000 for an artist in any discipline to develop and enhance their practice in community and/or participative arts.

The one-off bursary is open to professional artists who have lived and worked for at least three years in either the Republic of Ireland, Cornwall or Northumberland, the places in which Maurice perfected his skills as an alchemist of the imagination.

Cinzia Hardy, Artistic Director at November Club said: “Maurice helped to create the original vision for November Club and the thread of his imagination will always run through our work. His unique sense of fun was embedded in November Club’s work and he was the heart and soul of some of my favourite projects and Maurice had a wonderful ability to engage and inspire audiences of all ages. Everyone always laughed a great deal when Maurice was around.”

Artists are invited to register their interest by Monday 30 September, when the application process will open.