Introducing the Parlour Plank in the oldest bar in Newcastle!

Fancy a quick bite to eat in the oldest bar in Newcastle? Well, now you can, thanks to the new ‘Parlour Plank’ at Blackfriars consisting of slow-cooked ham, charcuterie, cheese, pickles and freshly made sourdough bread.

It’s available from Monday to Saturday 12-10pm in the restaurant’s new Parlour Bar and costs just £9 per board – ideal for a break from shopping or from the office, low-key business meetings or for visitors to the city. A vegetarian option is also available which features beans or mushrooms on toast, crispy hens egg, cheese, pickles and sourdough.

The Parlour Bar dates back to 1239 when it was used by the Dominican Friars to welcome guests to the city until they left Blackfriars in 1539. It was then used by the city’s Craft Guilds as almhouses for the poor, old and distressed. For the past 18 years the Parlour was a gift shop called Pheonix Antiques until 2017 until Blackfriars Restaurant took over its occupancy. Today the restaurant runs the Parlour as a bar which is open from 11-11pm serving cocktails, wine and wood-conditioned beer on wood.

Rebecca Blackith manager of Blackfriars said: “It’s great to see the original Parlour dating back to the 13th century re-instated from a waiting room for the friars to a relaxed bar serving snacks and drinks for visitors to the city and we’re hoping our plank will be a welcome addition to the main restaurant menu.”

Blackfriars Parlour Bar
Friars Street