Climb Newcastle to open second centre in the Ouseburn Valley

Climb Newcastle have announced that they will open a second climbing centre in the Ouseburn Vallley this autumn. Specialising in bouldering – climbing without ropes and harnesses, rather above crash mats – their original venture in the Old Byker Swimming Pool has gone from strength to strength since opening in 2008 and the company have been looking for a larger premises to accommodate the growing community of ‘boulderers’ in the city.

Climb Newcastle’s new venture, The Valley, in the large warehouse at the junction of Quality Row and Byker Bank, is nearly double the size of their popular Byker facility. And, with additional space, they promise to bring brilliant climbing on every angle imaginable, and a competition wall suitable for hosting the country’s very biggest climbing competitions. Fitting neatly with many initiatives in the Ouseburn Valley, the centre will encourage sustainable travel, with internal bike parking and extended opening hours, to encourage customers to climb before and after work.

With a view to climbing’s first appearance the olympics in 2020, the Climb Newcastle team intend to keep the original centre in Byker open, with additional emphasis on training and coaching, including expanding on the centre’s excellent children’s coaching, which has yielded several young climbers who have competed for Great Britain.

The Valley is expected to open this October.