Newcastle Creates: Communications Consultant


Newcastle Creates is the Culture Compact for Newcastle. Culture Compacts are a relatively new concept which emerged as a key recommendation of the Cultural Cities Enquiry: The Enquiry examined how culture in cities might be more effectively and sustainably resourced, and how the benefits of cultural activity could be more equitably shared. Noting that the cultural sector in all cities is important to, and provides benefits for, a broad range of stakeholders including businesses, the tourism industry, the health and education sectors and local communities, the Enquiry proposed that cross-sectoral coalitions – culture compacts – should be established to optimise the value of culture in each city, and to identify priorities for future development. The Enquiry also recognised the dwindling public resources available for culture and the need for diversification of investment to reduce dependency on the public purse.

In Newcastle, extensive consultation about the challenges facing the cultural sector and the establishment of a Culture Compact took place in 2019. Newcastle Creates was formed from stakeholder nominations in 2020 and coordinated the co-production of a Vision.  Our Vision is:

By 2030 Newcastle will be renowned as a city whose culture and economy are built on the creativity, industry and imagination of its people. It will be a city where the creativity of each of us is valued and given the chance to flourish. It will be a place where identity and cultures are celebrated, and everyone feels they belong.

Newcastle Creates.

Newcastle Creates has a small number of core members representing a broad range of interests (including public and private sector, education, arts, voluntary sector, makers and creators and more) and is supported by specialist advisory groups (including advisory groups on Cultural Democracy; Creativity, Skills, Talent Development & Support; Climate & Sustainability; Diversity, Accessibility & Cultural Engagement amongst others).  It is not an organisation that directly delivers activities or programmes. Its principal purpose is to lead the development of the cultural sector in the city and to advocate, to influence, to represent, to coordinate and to shape the thinking that will enable the culture of the city to develop in a way that will best enable Newcastle to achieve its ambitions. 

Newcastle Creates works by:

  • advocating and lobbying for culture in the city
  • working in partnership to stimulate interventions for meaningful change
  • listening to needs and developing initiatives which provide solutions
  • commissioning research and evaluation to monitor progress and enhance the evidence base which demonstrates the impact of cultural activity and improves investment decisions
  • convening people from across sectors and communities to shape and develop the cultural life of our city

Our Values underpin our work and are:

  • equality
  • identity & equity
  • co-operation & collaboration
  • environmental sustainability
  • curiosity
  • ambition

Newcastle Creates Communications Consultant – The Brief



£6,300 (plus VAT if applicable) – Communications Consultants fee for part 1 of the brief

£6,650 (plus VAT if applicable) – Communications Consultants fee for part 2 of the brief

£4,550 (plus VAT if applicable) – for photography, film, marketing materials


This contract can be applied for in full or Newcastle Creates is happy to split the contract for the right consultants, we envisage this would be split into 2 parts as outlined below.


Newcastle Creates is the Culture Compact for Newcastle upon Tyne which is a newly formed Co-operative, and the main objective of the brief will be to recruit fee paying members; more detail about what a compact is and the approach of Newcastle Creates can be found below.


Newcastle Creates is currently drafting a strategy which will enable it to realise its vision and has worked with Everything (Design Studios) to develop a visual identity and build a website. All three are nearing completion. It now wishes to share information about itself, its vision and its strategy with its stakeholders and the public.  Newcastle Creates would like to run a ‘launch campaign’ during the second quarter of 2022 (July-Sept) to raise awareness of its existence, its purpose and the opportunities it hopes to create in the city in the coming decade.  It would like to appoint a communications consultant to lead on that campaign, which comprises three principal components:


PART 1 – Approx. 18 days (April – June) £6,300

The completion of the development of the identity of the Compact through the creation of an accessible and appropriate linguistic and visual ‘tone’ for all its communications, including the development of written and visual content for the website, social media and public relations. This will include, but is not limited to:

  • Creating a ‘photo bank’ for use on the website and social media for Newcastle Creates from existing and new resources – and checking with partners regarding permissions and GDPR
  • Creating a video library for use by Newcastle Creates, comprising both existing and new resources – and checking with partners regarding permissions and GDPR
  • Developing one or more briefs for, and commissioning, a photographer/filmmaker/videographer to create new film/video/photographic resources which supplement existing material, reflect the culture of the city, can be shared with a variety of stakeholders and audiences, and highlight the work of Newcastle Creates
  • Ensure that the vision, strategy and cultural narrative produced by Newcastle Creates, and the language and tone employed in all communication with the public, are clear, simple, engaging, comprehensible and align with each other.

PART 2 – Approx. 19 days (May – July) £6,650
To develop and deliver a detailed ‘launch plan’ for Newcastle Creates, through which it will engage key stakeholders and audiences and key messages will be shared. It is envisaged these events will be smaller in scale and engage with activities already happening across the city.

To develop and deliver a comprehensive public relations campaign which raises public awareness of the existence, role and function of the Culture Compact and the opportunities for engagement with it including the recruitment of fee-paying members to the cooperative.


Remaining Budget – approx. £4,550 to include:

  • Photography
  • 2-5 min Film to showcase Newcastle for the website
  • Series of 20 second film edits for social media
  • Marketing materials for events e.g. flyers/banners

An outline communications plan has been drafted and is attached. It will be reviewed and amended by the successful applicant, in consultation with the Communications & Engagement Working Group of the Compact, prior to implementation.

The Plan has two phases. Phase 1 covers the activities described above and the scope of this initial contract. Phase 2 identifies an outline of the promotional activities that will be required on an on-going basis after 1st July 2022 – phase 2 is yet to be funded so is beyond the scope of this brief.

We are inviting consultants to apply to work on either part 1 or part 2 of phase 1 of the contract or to apply to work on both.  Please make this clear in your application.


Application Submission Requirements

Applicants are invited to submit proposals explaining how they would approach phase 1 of the communications plan, including a timeline and a breakdown of fees. Please also supply details of two referees.

The implementation of phase 1 of the communications plan is funded by resources provided by central government. The funds are held for the Compact by Newcastle Gateshead Initiative (NGI), by whom this contract is being tendered. The total budget is £17,500 (+ VAT, if required).


N.B. Approximate workdays mentioned in the brief with the breakdown of the budget is a guide and not to be taken literally.  Success will be measured with the outputs produced not the number of days worked. 

The deadline for the submission of proposals is 22nd April 2022

Proposals should be addressed to: Candy Walker, Office Services Executive, NGI

If you have any questions or would like an informal chat regarding the work to be undertaken, please contact Sheryl McGregor, Head of Communications at Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums:


Comms Brief 0704 JC SM